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power station

Basic finger strength will always be the core of climbing performance and deadhanging will always be the foundation of any training program for an aspiring climber. Yet it is also the single most neglected aspect of a majority of climbers training time. Climbing walls today are better than they’ve ever been. But there is no getting round the problem that most climber’s schedules are too busy to get to them consistently enough to maximise their potential gains in training.

Home fingerboards are a hugely popular solution, and rightly so. They have propelled the performance level of countless climbers. However, a big proportion of climbers have two problems accessing climbing walls or a home fingerboard. Either they live in rented accommodation and are not permitted to mount a hangboard, or they don’t live near a decent climbing wall and need a more substantial home training set-up.

Power Station solves these issues, offering a portable training station for climbers that fits into a small space. It can move with you when you move house and it can adapt to add more functionality as your training needs progress. Now, there is no reason not to have a home training set-up. Depending on the package you choose, Power Station gives you a free-standing fingerboard set-up right through to a customisable small 45 board with set problems, circuits and training plans to guide your progression.

Since there are many options for customising your Power Station package, as well as interest free credit finance options, we invite you to choose your package options on Power Station’s dedicated website which is managed by Dream Climbing Walls.

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